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The practice of chewing paan (betel leaf) is profoundly embedded in India. From times immemorial, paan has continued to be a part of sacred Hindu rites and is continuously offered to the deities. Paan has enormous influence in the wedding rituals and all other relevant functions where its contribution is a symbol of respect for the guests.

Paan holds an incredibly important place in the lifestyle of India. Indian Cuisines are prominent and known for their spicy tang and flavour. People usually like to Mouth Fresheners like Paan after their meal. Due to its mesmerizing aroma & sweetness, Paan is preferred by all the Indians. Hence, Wedding Wonderz brings to you multi-flavoured Paan that it produces with exotic masalas and with enthusiasm to revel in your taste buds. Wedding Wonderz offers you the services of paanwala for marriage and paanwala for wedding, which will enhance the taste of food for your guests.

If you consume any of the Tobacco Paan, Chocolate Paan, MeethaPaan, and SadaPaan, you will be filled with immense joy; hence relishing your taste buds. Our services for providing Paanwalafor marriage have been part of many weddings, and we include a traditional value to them.

Our Paan Wala for wedding uses ingredients like fresh Paan (Betel) Leaf, Tobacco, Chocolate, Supari (betel nuts), Sugar, Candies, Katha with Choona (lime paste), etc. These ingredients are incorporated in the Paan in such a way that they constitute a magical taste, which you will remember forever.

Types of Paan

Our Paanwala for marriage has established itself as an immense significance to the wedding rituals. Some of the Paan we serve are:

  • Chocolate paan
  • MeethaPaan
  • NavratanQiwamPaan
  • TabacooPaan
  • MeethaPattaSadaPaan

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