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Make your wedding parties soulful with the addition of the Ghazal program. We provide live Ghazal Singer, classical music singer, Sufi singer, playback singer, folk music singer, sitar player, sarangi player, santoor player, shehnai player, mandolin player, tabla player, dholak player, pakhawaj player, keyboard player, drummer, violin player, the piano player to make your day melodious.

Wedding are the source of celebration and festivities! Everyone looks forward to amazing and spectacular weddings which becomes a day to remember for everybody. Music is a beautiful component that brings life to the weddings. There is a different form of music that connects with the audiences. Ghazal is the expression of pain and love. This poetic form of singing brings out the love and romance in the surroundings. During the past years, the ghazal programme for marriage has become a rage for pre-wedding festivities.

Ghazal programme for marriage are not just the music; it is the voice from a heart that soothes the mind.

Any occasion or wedding can have the beautiful and memorable evening with the soulful voice of a singer. It makes the evening enchanting.

Wedding Wonderz are the leading wedding planners who provide Ghazal singers for various occasions like weddings, pre-wedding functions, and receptions. We provide quality musicians and singers within your budget.

We offer a ghazal programme for a wedding with the best musical and soulful singers. We have a team of experienced musicians and singers who make the audience tap their feet to their soulful music. Our team ensures that your wedding is conducted without any hitch. So, get the best entertainer for ghazal programme and relax yourself to the tune of their music.


Ghazal singing show: The Ghazal programme can be classical, retro or Bollywood. We also have group ghazals programme for the wedding. The singers and musicians will keep alive the charm of the evening.

Sufi music: Sufi music is the most popular music amongst ghazals programme for marriage. Our Sufi singers will bring divine love and compassion through their music and enthral the audience with their voice.

Our team of singers and musicians can play at any event and create a mehfil with Ghazals, Sufi song, Jazz music etc. At our ghazals programme for wedding, any guest can ask for their favourite song to give a personal touch.

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