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Wedding Wonderz Barat services is one of the leading Barat services in Odisha. Our Barat team has performed in more than 500 weddings and has always managed to have left the venue with lots of love, appreciation, and happy reviews from the clients. Our Barat services have the greatest beats in all genres, be it Odisha, Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Bollywood. Take a back seat and get ready to groove with the music.

Wedding Wonderz is a premier wedding planning event organizer, providing a complete gamut of wedding services, the wedding baraat service being one of them. You can’t have a wedding service without the Indian wedding baraat procession, which is a fully fun and attractive event.

The bride waits for her groom with her family and friends at her house, and the groom arrives along with his family, friends and relatives. Usually, the groom makes a grand entrance while entering the wedding either on a white horse or elephant, covered by a long traditional umbrella. The huge procession is generally accompanied by a traditional band, wedding dhols etc. and friends and relatives dance along to the music and celebrate the wedding.

Wedding Baraat Services

Lighting for Baraat

Beautiful and elegant lightning can create an amazingly ebullient touch to your wedding procession. Wedding Wonderz offers you excellent wedding lightning services that create a huge effect and impact on the wedding procession.

Musical Band Service

As fueled with excellence, Wedding Wonderz brings unique musical band service for wedding baraat, family function, and party. We offer our clients Orchestral music, Bhangra, Hindi Pop, Bollywood music, Shehnai, Tasha and Dhol.

Horse Driven carriage Service

Hire our horse-drawn carriage to transform your experience into something really extraordinary. Our Wedding Baraat Service provides strong built pure white horses driven baggi, which is adorned and decorated by our expert and guided by our highly trained staff.

Wedding Mare(Ghori) Service

Apart from providing a horse-driven carriage service, we are also professional in offering a wedding mare service that is suitable for traditional Indian weddings. We offer beautifully decorated mare by our experts who are well informed of choices and the social tastes of our clients. Choosing our mare service will create a magnificent difference on your special day.

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