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Your Guide to Mehndi Ceremony

By Admin | 02/03/2021


Your mehendi is one of the most fun-loving parts of your wedding celebrations. It is the time when families have the most fun. The environment is usually casual, elders are enjoying, people dancing and the party is going alongside to keep up the upbeat mood. Mehendi pictures are one of the most beautiful and colourful ones from your wedding albums.

You will have to make sure that this event is planned perfectly so that everyone else who isn't a part of it is having fun. Here are the best tips from wedding planners in Bhubaneswar that will help you make the day memorable!

1. Select your Mehndi ceremony venue

Do you wish to hold your mehndi ceremony at your home or in your lawn? Or Do you want it at the impressive wedding venue? Make a choice beforehand with the planning details for your mehendi ceremony. The mehendi venue's choice depends on the number of guests that you will be inviting and what time of the day will suit you best. Many brides are so engrossed in their wedding festivities that they forget to make adequate arrangements for these pre-wedding functions. It would help if you made the mehendi ceremony a priority in your list.

2. Count out your guests

Take a moment to plan the mehendi event. There could be some concerns about how many people will be present at the venue, the number of people which would come from either side and your preferences. Once you have planned the list, you can start inviting others. As the mehendi ceremony is a close-knit function, you can invite family and relatives. If you are seeking a destination wedding in Bhubaneswar, then invite the guests beforehand.

3. Get your mehndi decor on-point

A mehndi ceremony is all about visuals and creativity. You can create your ideas for a happy place and celebration zone with flowers, fun themes, props, and comfortable floor seating. The theme of your mehendi could be anything from florals to pastels, using glasses, bangles to decorative umbrellas. Make the mehendi celebrations splendid and unique corresponding to your personality.

Guide to Mehndi Ceremony

4. Curate your playlist

What's a mehendi night without some songs and music? Choose melodious songs that evoke a sense of nostalgia and are easy to sing along. Afterall, you want your mehendi to be a celebration of the happy, colourful event. You can even ask your friends and family for some song's suggestions. Let down the stress of wedding planning and connect and bond with your family as you prepare to bid them adieu.

5. Ask around

A mehendi artist is one of the essential people for the mehendi event. Get referrals from some of the best mehendi artists. Also, ask for some work samples before you select the artist to avoid any disappointment.

6. Opt for comfortable clothes

Green is the colour of mehendi, and many people select the green colour to reflect their love. But you can choose beautiful clothing and your favourite colour for any outfit. But make sure that the clothing you chose is comfortable. If the mehendi is being organized outdoors, then the clothes should not make you feel hot and humid. None of your clothes or fabric should stick to the mehendi and then spoilt it later on.

7. Have a little fun

You can arrange for fun-loving activities at your mehndi. Arrange for games such as Dumb Charades and antakshari. Or you can install a giant Tv at the hall and play popular Bollywood music videos to keep your guests entertained. This way, your guests can relax and enjoy themselves without breaking a sweat. The wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar will capture all the fantastic moments you and your guests enjoy.

8. Experiment on Menu

Think of a fun menu and lots of light refreshments. Don't opt for traditional and boring conventional choices. Instead, choose your personal favourite cuisines. Mix it up, ask the wedding planners in Bhubaneswar for exciting food choices. Don't inhibit your options, let your caterer provide you ideas for the festive occasion.

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