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Wedding Decor Mistakes That You Should Avoid

By Admin | 01/13/2021


We all wish for our wedding to be perfect. But when the D-day arrives, sometimes, things can go haywire. When planning the wedding, décor can be the last thing on your mind but remember it constitutes a vital part. When you have planned everything to the last detail, and you enter the venue dressed as bride and groom, you realize the lighting is too dim, or the entry gate is too dull. It takes two seconds for an event to go from fantastic to flat, and you would surely not want that for your wedding, right?

Here are some tips from the wedding planner in Bhubaneswar that you can use and avoid in your wedding decorations.

Uncoordinated Colour theme.

One thing that could be sore in the eyes is mismatched themes and colors. For example, the red in your lehenga matches the background. It could be so distasteful and will leave you looking like wallpaper. Your flowers, outfit, interiors, drapes, seating, furniture, shades, and background should be synchronized on the color aspect to make things look beautiful.

Don't attempt the décor by yourself.

We know that you love DIY, and you may have done it in the past. But weddings are on a much larger scale and need professional help and advice. The do-it-yourself concept doesn't work for any large marriage venue because it is demanding and exhausting. When you have much better things to do for yourself, why as a bride do you want to take such a humongous task upon yourself?

No separate Budget for Décor.

If you think that wedding décor is not an essential component of any wedding, then you are wrong. If you think fairy tale weddings are associated with only the venue, dress, and accessories, you couldn't be more wrong. Just like the bride and groom would dress up, especially for the occasion, you have to dress up the venue in a unique manner to reflect your personality and style. Therefore, earmark or separate the budget and inform your wedding planner about it beforehand.

wedding planner in Bhubaneswar

Not thinking about the venue properly.

The venue is one of the critical aspects of your marriage. It is important that you realize the space's availability at the venue and spend some quality time with your decorator to organize the right way to decorate the space and utilize it in the best possible manner. The wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar will capture beautiful aspects of the venue.

Not utilizing the existing decor.

This is one of the common mistakes that a couple makes. Some of the marriage venues offer a certain basis that can be used and complemented with other things. So, there is no need to spend additional money and make a complete mess of the present venue.

Making it look too grand

Sometimes couples go overboard to decorate the venue that they lose the charm and effect the venue provides. While adding glitz and glamour to the venue professionally, most couples forget the personal touches that can make the marriage look chic and stylish.

Inadequate lighting of the place

Lighting can literally make your wedding a memorable experience. The professional decorators use creative and innovative ways of lighting up the venue. You can add more glam and consciousness to the overall deco by asking your decorator to make the use of candles, Diyas, and halogens. Remember, if you overdo it, the event can look flashy or lackluster, so don't let the wedding light spoil your wedding venue's charm.

Use of flowers everywhere

We understand that you love flowers, and flowers are an integral part of your wedding. But you must use the flowers at the right places and in the right quantity so that it doesn't look like the flower garden where some flowers start to wilt and dry after a certain period that it may completely change the look of the event.

Imitating or copying from the Internet

We know that you can look at the decoding arrangement from the Internet in this digital age and want the same decorations in your marriage. Though it is considered trendy and fashionable, forgetting other factors in mind will make the outcome of your wedding tacky, and the wedding will lose out on the unique aspect.

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