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Top 5 Decor Themes to Choose from Bollywood Movies

By Admin | 12/17/2020


When it comes to weddings, the thing that pops in our mind is the lavish, extravagant sets of Karan Johar Movie or Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The big Udaipur palace, lots of light, loads of dance, and fun and beautifully designed lehengas were grooving to music sounds. Classic image, eh? Reminiscing about that movie now? Yes! You may have seen that Bollywood movie, be it band Baja Barat or the very stylish Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. As the best wedding decor in Bhubaneswar, we get inspired by these movies and take some of our creative ideas.

best wedding decor in bhubaneswar


1.Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

In the modern fairy tale wedding- Kalki is getting married to her beau in the beautiful Rajasthan Palace with the diyas and Mughal architecture. The set was the vision we dream of. Beautifully marigold bundles strewn in about, the exciting backdrop and the royal wedding ideas made it look like the best wedding destination that we wanted to be part of. If you have seen the Kabira song, you may have loved using the remarkable ways that the diyas and marigolds were used. The backdrop of the multiple chandeliers, glorious mandap by the pool, and the use of the various string lights made the nights look like a dream. If you want, you can use beautiful marigold hangings and kitschy colorful divans and cushions for your haldi or sangeet ceremony.

2. Band Baaja Baraat

Ah, who could forget the wonder of band baajabarat!. The film was entirely based on wedding planners, and it gave us a new insight into how weddings are planned. The wedding that these two wedding planners showcased brimmed with sweet ideas that one can replicate. The movie kept overall weddings very colorful and jazzy. You can choose ideas from the film's romantic sequence or from several weddings it showcased.

3. 2 States

Two states movie was all about young and being modern. The film contained a South Indian wedding scene by the beach at the temple. Instead of using all those ornate frills and tedious decor, the decorator made us love the use of sparse floral hangings and cute umbrellas. The wedding theme was of white and red color, which made the wedding look like a traditional one but contained minimalistic ideas which made it effortless and fun. You can choose the best wedding venue in Bhubaneswar and can have your views. We loved the Indo- Arabic feel to the whole thing, where we could see the use of tents, flower lanterns, and the Turkish lamps that delighted us.

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4. ZindagiMilegi Na Dobara

With ZindagiMilegi Na Dobara came with its classic ideas and outstanding production values. The wedding scene in the end that almost followed a western wedding theme showcased pastel and white color themes along with floral décor. The use of white flowers all over the place and roses were beautifully set in the décor. This lovely idea can even be used for the pre-wedding shoot in Bhubaneswar. Our favorite bit, you ask- it was the heart-shaped floral arrangement in the pool. We also love the beautiful wedding jhoolas decorated with flowers that added drama and charm to the whole thing.

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5. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

This wedding is the dream for wedding planners! The reason is that it contained so many wedding scenes from start to finish. There were stunning wedding décor ideas such as marigold curtains, twinkling lights, photo-ops, bright lanterns; all this added glamour to the weddings. Oh! Not to forget that beautifully decorated lorry where people were dancing.

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