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Tips to Get the Right Wedding Planner for You

By Admin | 12/23/2020


Choosing the right wedding planner in Bhubaneswar is a huge step towards a stress-free and successful wedding day. It would help if you remembered that you are going to spend loads of time with the person or the team. So, while interviewing the wedding planners, you should keep in mind that you feel comfortable with the person or team because you may be spending the next six months in close proximity for designing and planning.

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At every step of your wedding planning, the wedding planner will be right there next to you-either when you're talking to your family members when you're arguing with your significant other, or you're throwing a tantrum and even getting cold feet about your decisions. Therefore, it is of vital nature that you choose the right wedding planner to see yourself with them in each of the situations.

1. Compatibility and experience matter

When choosing the wedding planner, you want your wedding planner to fit your personality and style. Still, they should also be experienced and professional to execute the type of wedding you want fully and at the level you want.

If possible, conduct face to face interview before choosing your wedding planner. Ensure that your wedding planner is asking you a lot of questions and showing enthusiasm about your ideas and style. If not, then things may get off, and they are not a good fit for you.

Also, remember to have regular meetings with them and openly voicing your concerns no matter how personal they are. The wedding planner should be your advocate throughout the entire process and should understand your vision and priorities so that they could turn those visions into realities. Get the wedding planner who could offer you guidance expertise when needed and execute the wedding that exceeds your expectations.

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2. Do your Research

If you have a problem deciding on the right fitting planner because of the options in front of you, check out their online portfolios, read reviews from other couples, and ask them for references. You could check out the vendors, such as wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar, that they are working with. Another advice is that don't go with the cheapest option because you will get what you pay for.

3. Ask the right questions

It would help if you asked the right question before deciding to interview the wedding planners. We suggest that you comprise a list of most important questions to you so you can gauge which is the right wedding planner for you. Ask questions regarding the wedding planning services-wedding venues, the average price range of weddings that you are planning, and what overall planning timeline they're looking at. Also, don't forget to discuss their overall fees and your budget.

4. Discuss Your Budget

Do you wonder what is one of the major issues that couples face while discussing wedding planners? Finance! So, save yourself some major disappointment, and make sure that your planner's fees are within your budget and you're giving them enough cash to do their job properly. A good wedding planner can work with any type of project to bring the vision to life, but if your wedding is extravagant and out of your budget, it will be difficult for them to deliver the same results as the photo looking at. Talk openly about your budget and ask them what they have done in that same budget.

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5. Understand the Services of Vendors

A wedding planner collaborates with all types of vendors, such as mehendi artist in Bhubaneswar, site selections, hotel bookings and management, transport vendor, caterer, etc. Apart from this wedding logistics, you need to be aware of different wedding-related roles such as wedding coordinators, wedding stylists, and designers, wedding decorators so that you could understand how their services are crucial to your wedding.

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