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The Ultimate Bridal Makeup Guide

By Admin | 02/05/2021


On her wedding day, every bride wants to look stunning. A wedding is a special occasion that calls for a celebration, and we all know that makeup plays a vital role in the Indian bridal look. If there's a day that you should look absolutely gorgeous, it's your wedding day. We know that you have envisioned yourself as the Disney princess, and we have come up with a checklist of makeup that you should adhere to on your big day.

At your wedding, the bridal makeup artist in Bhubaneswar suggests that brides should go for minimum makeup and subtle looks, which is an ongoing trend this wedding season. But there are certainly some do's and don'ts for the bridal makeup that one should keep in mind.

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Check the weather: While picking out your products, make sure that you consider the weather. Ensure that your makeup aligns with the season of your wedding. For example, you should use oil-free products for summer weddings to withstand the heat and humidity. Also, make sure that you keep plenty of blotting sheets handy for the big day to keep any excess oil at bay.

Don't get cakey: The most critical thing in bridal makeup is that your skin should look naturally flawless and radiant. A thick, cakey makeup does not fit the bridal makeup. Ask your makeup artist to go for a dewy glowing makeup by opting for cream-based blush and foundation. You can also go for a light and illuminating foundation by a reputed brand.

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Do apply primer: For your perfect day, you will require perfect makeup, and primer is an essential key factor in achieving that. You can use a light illuminating primer that will allow your makeup to go on smoother and last longer. The primer will help you in minimizing the appearance of blemishes, lines, and wrinkles.

Don't use the same concealer for your eyes and face: Use a cream or emollient based eye concealer to avoid a cakey or flaky effect. You can try different under-eye concealer varieties beforehand to keep your eyes in great shape for the big day. The wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar will capture your divine beauty on the big day.

Do try fake lashes: Your wedding day is the perfect day for you to "go big or go home." Yes, we are talking to you, and you guessed it correctly - it's eyelashes! Fake eyelashes will help enhance your eyes and give them that extra pop.

Don't forget the eyebrows: Brides pay extra attention to eyebrows, and we completely understand why. Eyebrows frame the eyes and give your face extra definition and dimension. Fill in your eyebrows to provide them with a full, natural shape. With the help of an eyebrow stylist sculptor, which consists of an eyebrow pencil, brow wax, and a spoolie all in one, make your eyebrows well defined. You can also use an eyebrow pencil to go for a shade or two lighter than your natural brow colour.

Do opt for waterproof makeup: It's your wedding day, and there is guaranteed to be some waterworks. You don't want your mascara to be ruined. Stick to waterproof options, especially with your mascara, as some teardrops are surely going to come from your eyes. Ask your makeup stylist for flawless, waterproof lashes and mascara.

Don't Try it on the Same day: If you want to be looking as flawless as your vows, you don't want to be caught unprepared. Meet up with your girlfriends a week or two before and get the exact makeup you would like on the big day. You can also ask your makeup stylist to provide you samples of brides that she has helped in getting ready for their big day. The girlfriends can critique and sound off on your bridal look to help you prepare for your wedding day.

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