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The Most Stunning Decor Setups Under the Medium Range Budget

By Admin | 12/24/2020


As the best wedding decor in Bhubaneswar, we know that it's not hard doing a wedding on a budget. You have to be more careful about the expenditure and get the maximum for your money's worth. As the leading decorators in India, we are here to help you and suggest some decor looks for a wedding that can be pulled off under a budget of rupees two Lac. Be it a North Indian wedding or a South Indian wedding, here are some versatile looks that are doable and under your budget.

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1. Look for beautiful pink and gold decor

When designing the decor, don't focus on too many elements; instead, it is better to focus on just two or three aspects and build your venue's aesthetic tone based on those aspects. Set up a focal point and use bright colors for fabric, eliminating the need to add more items or props. You can use florals strategically. Redesign traditional design patterns such as using gota work or dream catchers. If you want to install a photo booth, it doesn't necessarily have to be extravagant against the backdrop; you can simply use a gold frame along with a few elements such as beautiful florals, which could look more put together. It is better to improvise as much as you can. Rather than complicating the design process, work with what is around you, and easier to procure.

2. Look for an Indoor Floral engagement setting

For an indoor wedding or engagement setting, you can use lightweight fabrics such as drapes, which work very well because they allow for more light to pass through and are easier on the eyes. Use things like lights that can instantly switch the vibe of a perspective venue as they are soft and ambient. The use of bare chiavarri chairs with delicate florals helps in creating a better visual impact with the seating space. Use a single statement lighting element such as chandeliers, which can significantly impact the venue. Go for unconventional wedding venues in Bhubaneswar so that you can retain more of the original space.

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3. For a Fairytale setting for Engagement/ Wedding

You can use a lot of greens instead of flowers, which is an excellent cost-effective option. To add magic to the venue, use fairy lights that have been used all over. Intricately designed greens and lace can enhance the beauty of pheras-mandaps.

4. Pretty Decor for Engagement/ Mehendi

Add color to your venue using brightly colored paper elements, which adds a quirky element and is also cost-effective. For your mehndi brunches, sangeet ceremony, and cocktail party, use paper elements such as Origami birds, ribbons, paper lanterns, colored glassware, and attractive printed linen.

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5. Look for South Indian Mehendi/ Wedding Decor

If you're looking for a destination wedding in Bhubaneswar, you can enjoy the pristine beaches of Puri. For a South Indian wedding décor, you can use coconut trees or coconut as your main deck or element. Use beautifully decorated coconut shells with mirror work and fabric paint to make lovely hangings. You can also use tender coconut leaves and mango leaves to adorn the entrance. Cut these leaves into various shapes like parrots, hangings, and other things would look beautiful. You can also create an enchanting backdrop with the help of coconut leaves. You can even use pickle jars as centerpieces with Lotus and water lily's floral arrangement.

6. Look for Haldi Décor

If you want to create a beautiful haldi décor, select Marigold flowers, which are a great way to add color without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also use beautifully designed glass bottles to add beauty to the décor. When on a low budget, it is better to go au naturel.

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