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Popular Wedding Food Trends

By Admin | 02/04/2021


Weddings in India aren’t just the union of two people- it is, in fact, an immense celebration of two households and families coming together as to spend lakhs of rupees on lavish wedding ceremonies.Forget about the different functions, the bridal outfit, décor; food is the most important aspect of any big fat Indian wedding. To really impress their guests, desi families are truly going overboard with new and creative food catering. Here are the best wedding food trends by the wedding planner in Bhubaneswar that you should be tapping on in 2021:

1. Old desi dishes but with a twist.

We all love the panipuri counters, the jalebi-rabri stalls, the milk counter, and even the good old paan counter. But our Indian desiness has changed leading to modernizing the Indian version of the food. Panipuri shots, keema, and kebab burgers, deconstructed chaats are the new presentation of 2021 weddings.

2. Live Counters

There's a saying, "You eat with your eyes first." And live food stalls serve the same purpose. Across India, caterers are creating an exceptional experience for the guest by serving life counters such as hot dim sum stations with different noodles and sauce for the kids, and sometimes even the most popular Maggie is served. Life pasta counters have become trendy. The food is not only served full of flavours, but the caterers also make sure that the food looks appealing to the eyes.

3. Do it yourself counters

Food counters have added a new angle with DIY. With salads, soup, pasta, charts, and even dessert, guests can mix and match for themself a variety of different fresh and cooked ingredients according to their likes.

3. Fresh beverages

Oh, there was a time when we were served Roohafza, Coca Cola, Lemon soda drinks, which were budget-friendly and fuss-free. If you are spending money on your food, you want to drink those drinks you are serving! How about delicious drinks like mojitos, freshly squeezed juices, and even iced tea, which makes your spread look classy.

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4. Going truly international

Burger, pizza, and noodles is no longer the only sign of going truly international. The wedding caterers in Bhubaneswar are currently thriving on gourmet dishes and unique global cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, and more. South American, Korean barbecues, sushi counters have infiltrated the Indian food menu.

5. Staying close to the roots

No matter how the Gen-next pack is diversifying their cuisine flavour choices, the authentic food connoisseurs are staying close to their traditional roots. Many people are still keeping various regional foods on display- like local Bombay street food, South Indian dosa counters, Gujarati dhoklas, and Rajasthani Dal BatiChurma more.

6. Sweet over savoury

Forget the times when the guests would start looking for savoury entrees and main courses to satiate their hunger. It's the wide variety of desserts that have taken the food menu by storm. From muffins, waffles, pancakes, donuts, cakes, pastries, and gelato are currently trending to the addition of our traditional kheer, Gulab Jamun and Rasogullas.

8.Desserts and Wedding Cakes

No wedding is seen complete without a cake cutting. With a wide variety of trendy bakeries and confectionaries around India, new generations of bakers are bringing unique flavours of cake such as dark chocolate, caramel, red velvet, French vanilla, and bourbon, or even peppermint and white chocolate, which are proving to be a hit among the kids and are a treat for cake lovers.

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