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Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding Décor in India? We Tell You How!

By Admin | 01/21/2021


There are many ways that you can have an eco-friendly wedding. Some of the easy ways to reduce waste and avoid plastic at Indian weddings are too easy. If you think that your wedding will look drab and dull without the entire wedding paraphernalia, then you should get these tips from the best wedding decor in Bhubaneswar to make your wedding a memorable eco-friendly affair.

1. Decor: Bride & Groom Chairs Made from Wood

The trendy eco generation is choosing customized, beautiful bride and groom chairs for them to sit on. These beautiful, intricately crafted wedding chairs can be matched with a quintessentially classic wooden signboard. And what’s more, you could even use the chairs later on, in your lounge room.

2. Decor: Choose Local Flowers & Other Materials

As awesome as the hundreds of kilos of variety of flowers look on a wedding venue, but it is not an Earth-friendly decision! Instead of asking for imported flowers that will be flown to you, it is better to request your decorator to use local and seasonal flowers, which are totally doable. You can also use locally sourced materials such as bamboo lighting fixtures, which will look resplendent for wedding décor.

3. Decor: Reusable Wedding Signage

The modern trend has been to ditch the wedding signs of “Samir weds Akansha” to now displaying couples pre-wedding photoshoots in Bhubaneswar or even using the hashtag at the wedding venue. Here are the basic materials you can use later:

  • Opt for a handwritten chalkboard sign
  • Or creative mirror signage to welcome your guests into the Venue
  • Or you can even add an old, rustic touch by utilizing a jute fabric sign with words made out of rope!

4. Decor: Repurpose and Recycle

If you want to ensure that your wedding is green, it is not necessary that you have to buy everything new for your wedding. You can easily use things which are lying around your house. For instance, for your mehndi function, you can repurpose used coconut shells as planters or furnish them with flowers.

You can even use the wine or glass bottles at home and install fairy lights in them for aisle or tableware décor. Had you ever thought that you could even use old furniture as a beautiful photo booth setup?

5. Decor: Eco-Friendly Material to Bedeck the Bar

Over the last few years, the bar and food areas have become a central decor piece, with couples coming up with really innovative ideas on how to decorate them! One of the eco-friendly options is to mask your bar or food counters with jute fabric instead of plastic or flex materials. You can adorn them with beautiful origami paper cranes. These eco-friendly ideas would surely give the wedding theme a pretty and unique bar décor.

6. Decor: Using things at the Venue

Most wedding venues in Bhubaneswar offer their own naturally available structures that you could incorporate into the décor. This will help you in keeping the additional decorations to a minimum. If your Venue has beautiful trees, you can use the existing greenery to design a bar.

7. Decor: Table Centrepieces

Many wedding decorators organise beautiful and stunning table centerpieces. You can create stunning centerpieces by using old straws lying around in the office or home that can be painted gold to create trendy geometric centerpieces. Also, potted plants can be used as centerpieces, and guests could take them home at the end of the wedding. You could even use herbs as centerpieces in no-flower weddings to create a gorgeous and unique look. Also, you could use fruits as vegetables, which could be later on used by guests.

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