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Plan the Memorable Engagement with These Clever Ideas

By Admin | 02/03/2021


Are you throwing an engagement party for yourself? You must be having too many questions as to who do you invite? Should you book the venue? What theme do you want to organize? To help you navigate, the Wedding Wonderz has put together a checklist for planning for one of the most unique, stylish engagement party on a budget, including stunning décor ideas and all other decisions you should make before you send out the invitation card.

1 Decide who's hosting.

Conventionally, the bride parents host the engagement party. But these days it is perfectly acceptable to let the groom's parents share the expenditure and host the engagement party. The host has to plan and pay for the party, send out the invitations and make sure that the whole thing turns out smoothly. The wedding planners can also assist you in hosting a fab engagement party.

2. Plan your budget.

No matter how big or a small, wedding event you are planning to host, the best event starts with a well-defined budget. If you are hosting the party, you can call and visit some wedding venues in Bhubaneswar and restaurants for quotes. This will help you plan accordingly so that you do not go off your budget for the wedding.

3. Set a date.

Engagement parties are usually held just after the proposal, Roka or just before the wedding. If you are hosting the wedding, it is okay to revel in your engagement bliss for a while. Why not do a pre-wedding photoshoot in the meantime.

4. Choose a venue.

For an engagement party, you can pick any venue. You can pick a restaurant or courtyard, garden, poolside, and the best wedding venues in Bhubaneswar to host your party or go with a more out-of-the-box venue choice like an art gallery or beach. Just make sure that venue coordinates with the formality of the event you are planning to throw.

Memorable Engagement

5. Make your guest list.

It is not necessary that whosoever you are inviting to the wedding needs to be invited to the engagement party. But if you have asked someone to an engagement party and later on not invited to the wedding is a no-no. Unless you are thinking of inviting a large number of guests, you can always invite your close friends and family members.

6. Send out invites one month prior.

Like venues, invitations should also match the formality of the engagement party you're planning. If you invite your guests to a restaurant, you can send them a paper invite, while an e-invite is totally appropriate for something more casual. Just send your guests invitations a month in advance.

7. Plan the menu.

You have to plan the menu beforehand. You can serve snacks and delicious dinner to go with it. It does not have to be extensive. Just some snacks, along with sweets, and a dinner.

8. Set a festive scene.

If you seek wedding decoration in Bhubaneswar for your engagement party, then the wedding planners will arrange it for you. You can keep the engagement venue simple by adding fresh, beautiful flowers that can go a long way in perking up a lacklustre event space.

9. Assign duties for the day.

You can also let some of the family members take some duties off your hand so you can focus on greeting and mingling with guests.

10. Enjoy Yourself!

It is time to enjoy your engagement! The venue is decorated, the guests are smiling, and the people are dancing. Let both of you now enjoy the bliss and festivities and enjoy it with your nearest and dearest ones.

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