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Looking for Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding? Here’s the Ultimate Guide

By Admin | 02/10/2021


If you love flowers, then you probably have imagined your wedding to be full of flowers everywhere. Bouquets and essential centerpieces aren’t adequate for you! Have you run out of imagination as to where to put the flowers? We have compiled a whole list of ways to use the flowers in your wedding that will make all your florals dreams come true.

1. Hanging Flower Wall

You can make a giant flower wall to cover right behind the stage or the entrance. A whole wall of the wedding venue in Bhubaneswar where you can take beautiful pictures in front of your family and relatives and other floral merriment.

2. Inside Water

Dripping flowers in the water or pond still retains the wow factor. The best thing is submerging unexpected and even unique flora like protea.

3. In a Boho Bouquet

Why not use your flowers outside the typical cookie-cutter fashion and prepare an overly large and flowy wedding bouquet for centerpieces?

4. As Table Organizers

If you aren’t going with any particular colour palettes for your weddings, you can use flowers to guide a seating chart. Provide the organization with a beautiful eating area.

5. Use the Head of the Flower

You can even use the head of the flower in displays, cutting off the stem and leaves. This wedding decoration in Bhubaneswar works particularly well for a tablespace that you want to keep low and modern.

6. Industrial Hangers

Use beautiful trail flowers from industrial-looking metal geometric hangers. Ah! the look is perfect for a modern or minimalistic theme.

7. String Around Lights

For the perfect wedding venue, why not make a flower garland and wrap it around strands of lights. It will be the upgraded version to standard twinkle lights.

wedding decor in bhubaneswar

8. Tiered Flower Chandelier

Why not mount your flowers on a tiered chandelier and let them trail down in a beautiful pattern?

9. Floral Towers

You have seen floral arches, but have you seen floral towers? These artistic decorations are just like they sound and more impressive than you can imagine.


10. Moss Messages

Why not create your initials or a lovely message with moss and flowers. The moss can be affixed to wire and much like topiary or grown onto brick if you start early with your own wedding decorations.

11. Flower Necklace

Jazz up your beach wedding with flowers around your necks. You can also achieve this trend with an elegant choker of flowers and ribbons.

12. Pressed Glass

You can use press flowers in glass for delicate and fancy-looking table markers as part of another wedding décor.

13. Decorating Drinks

Why not use flowers to embellish drinks, either as a stand-in for a swizzle stick or just as easy adornment.

13. Paper Cranes

String up your flowers with paper cranes for an enchanting feature wall. For the best wedding decor in Bhubaneswar, contact Wedding Wonderz, which creates flower paper cranes for the wedding that are both artsy and whimsical.

14. Sign Decor

Hey! What about decorating the top of a chalkboard sandwich board or other signage. The look will be romantic and is an unexpected and intimate touch that will catch everyone’s eye.

15. Floral Confetti

Get ready to throw flower pieces or petals in small containers for guests to throw instead of rice as you take your pheras. Who wouldn’t want to be showered in flower petals?!

16. Floral Swing

Have you seen the trendiest floral swing at the reception for photo ops? The wedding planner in Bhubaneswar can create a swing with simple rope and wood, with flower garlands wrapped around and attached to the complete swing.

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