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How to Ace Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot?

By Admin | 9-16-2020


Pre-wedding photography has gained popularity in recent years among the millennials. We present you with the best pre-wedding shoot ideas from location tips to getting the perfect photographer. Our ultimate guide will save you time and resources to scour for locations or fresh ideas. So let’s get started!


Every bride wants a wedding photographer that can capture her glory and nuptials perfectly. The wedding span days are the most beautiful memories that live in the photographs forever.

Pre-wedding shoots have become a rage these days to capture the chemistry between the couple before the wedding itself rolls in with its demanding wedding schedule. A pre-wedding shoot provides the couples with an opportunity to spend some time together with each other and allow photographers to click photographs of their romantic moments together. You can experience each other beautiful company with each other in a beautiful location. The photographer will capture your moments covertly without being intrusive of your special moments.


Try to find a wedding photographer that shows interest in your story. After all, your pre-wedding shoot is all about your journey of coming together. Whether it was an arranged match, love match, or union of two high-school sweethearts, you want the photographer to understand your romantic chemistry.

Your photographer should have the unique ability to translate it into their captures and bring out the story that you want to share with the world. For meaningful photographs, you need to have an immersive experience to make your story unique.


Now when you honed in on a photographer that is experienced and within budget, you need beautiful locations for your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Availability of the location for a private shoot: Though you may love to pose in front of ancient monuments, gardens, flowers, it is essential to note if the place is exclusively available for your private photo-shoot. You don’t want some random face photo bombing you! Take special permission for photo-shoot or look out for the timing when the popular place is less crowded.

What the location Signifies: Sometimes, there are places that speak to us. Some places have special meaning for us, and thus, you may be inclined to use that location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Before finalizing any location, you should assess how the location will fit in your story and what kind of pictures you would want to eventually get.

Additional cost involved: There are some places which charge money for giving you access to the location. So, keep in mind the extra cost in your budget for the pre-wedding shoot.


Your pre-wedding photographs are a great way of introducing yourself as a couple to your friends and family and look stunning on your side table or up on the wall.

Share on social media: You can use your pre-wedding photographs to introduce your spouse to your friends and family by posting those stunning pictures on your social media.

Use on your Save the Date: This is an excellent way to use the pictures to announce the date of your wedding in a fun way. You can make a slideshow of some of your best pictures and let everyone know about your wedding.

Give it as a gift: You can frame some of the most beautiful pictures and give it to that someone special as a sweet reminder of the beautiful day.

Display at the wedding: Assortment of different photos is a great way to make an eye-catching display at the venue.

It’s a lovely way to announce your love to each other!

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