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Beginners Tips on How to Take Wedding Photos

By Admin | 01/29/2021


A wedding is one of the most beautiful days for a couple. If you are an amateur photographer and want to take better wedding photos, here are some of the best tips on taking amazing wedding photos. The wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar will capture the best moments and create a great memory album of the big day.

1. Assist a Professional

Before shooting for any weddings, you should know the dos and don'ts of wedding photography. To avoid common mistakes, you can learn the basics from a veteran photographer. Ask a professional wedding photographer to allow you to shadow them at weddings they have booked or pick their brains for advice. While working with a seasoned professional, you can gain hands-on experience and apply it to other, later shoots. The tips that you will learn will help you improve your photography skills.

2. Test Your Camera in Advance

Ensure that all your gadgets are working fine before you leave to take great wedding photos. For wedding photos, you may need a tripod, several camera lenses, and external flashes. If the wedding is taking place indoors, you will also need other lighting equipment. Always bring more equipment than you think you will need to err on the side of caution. Also, pack several spare batteries and a memory card, so you don't miss any fun moments from the wedding.

3. Photograph with a Partner

When you are taking photographs of a wedding, you can't carry all your photography accessories alone. You will have to take a helping hand to take the best photography pictures. Another person can also help you manage light, take shots, and capture scenes you would otherwise miss. The reason is that you can't be everywhere at once.

4. Pre-Plan the Shoot

Many wedding venues in Bhubaneswar provide beautiful scenic venues, which will provide photographers ample photo opportunities. As a photographer, you should plan your shoot and make some extra time for this part of your photography preparation. You could plan where you could take multiple photos of the bride and groom in different locations. You can lead the couple by suggesting them different poses, but they may also have their photo-ops ideas. It is imperative that the clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. As a wedding photographer, you have to be patient with the newlyweds.

5. Shoot the Reactions

Newlyweds love seeing photos of their guests enjoying the wedding. If you notice any guests and friends having fun on the dance floor or during the varmala, make an effort to capture those moments. Capture unique expressions of the relatives, friends, and family that showed up to support the couple.

If you're working along with someone, ask them to capture the” WoW expressions” of the guest and family while you click pictures of the bride and groom.

6. Know the Guests

In a wedding, all types of people are invited as guests. Colleagues, relatives, neighbours, friends everyone will turn out to show their support for the happy couple. When you are clicking the guest's enjoyable moments, you should keep in mind that the guest didn't hire you for the shoot. Discuss the guest list with the couple to ask which special guest should get the priority portraits.

Friends and family are the life of the wedding party. If they are important to the couple, then they are important to you. Make an effort to learn their names and make them comfortable. Shoot some beautiful moments with the couple and solo.

7. Capture a Group Photo

At the end of the night, everyone wants to have a portrait with the couple. But if you start taking solo photos, that would take all night! It is better to take photographs in groups. You can manage the group sufficiently with the help of your partner. Your partner can help you assign different groups, adjusting other small details such as lightning so that you can focus on photographing.

It is challenging to shoot in a group because everyone does not look perfect at the same time. Some people blink, others go out of focus. Therefore, it is helpful to take a lot of extra shots so at the end you can choose the best picture for every group.

8. Look for Smiles

A smile is always worth capturing. Kids playing, people laughing, the bride and groom enjoying their special moment are all hidden moments within a wedding ceremony that can liven up a wedding album. Don't hesitate to click your shutter to capture these rare and original moments.

The wedding services in Bhubaneswar provide talented wedding photographers who can capture your special moments so that you could relive that again.

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