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20 Visually Stunning and Creative Wedding Card Ideas

By Admin | 09/18/2020


Shiny gold brocade, maroon and gold, white with floral cuts, a religious deity on the front, bride and groom pictography on the face of the card, and all these sums up the ideas of standard Indian wedding card. The large number of wedding that takes place in India; it’s no wonder that there are thousands of templates to choose from. But what if you are bored with some of these regular cards?

If you are the new modern trendy bride and groom, looking for unique wedding invitations, well worry not. We have the most innovative wedding card designs ideas that you could pick from.

1. An Exciting Lift-The-Flap Card Design!

What if instead of lifting a single card, there are small tiny invite packs containing information in a playful way. Guests will just love to lift the flap to know more on what’s inside!

2. Create Magic with A Pop Up Element

Pop-up cards are not just for children. They are for everyone and what better for adding this element to your wedding card to make it playful and unique!

3. Quirky Playing Cards

Aha, the new-gen has got the mozzo to create their own playing card set. So, instead of using regular King and Queen, place the bride and groom photos dressed up exquisitely.

So, each card will have appropriate attire for each function, and another side of the card can contain the details of the function.

4. Play with words

Wedding cards have gone trendier and crazier keeping up with the new millennial, who are blowing up their social media accounts. So play the game of words here in your wedding card and add something fun which could evoke laugh!

5. Comedy Works Here as Well

What if we could tell you that you could generate some laughs here too. You can post “Doomsday has arrived” or playfully worded with “Shit Just Got Real” phrases, which could surely make them socially viral.

6. Use Your Own Photos

Make your Wedding cards personalized by posting your own photos. Get glamorous and make them look like they came out of a magazine’s pages.

7. Who Needs Photos When you Have Text

While everyone may go for photos, there are some classical bride and groom who would love to use text on their wedding invite. So, get the right font and backdrop to create the right balance to pull this off.

8. Conventional Meets Modern

Check out this card that’s has used the right font to create an innovative wedding invitation design. The touch of rustic with the modern creates a visually appealing card.

9. Art Deco Theme

Why not use the décor of any era such as the Great Gatsby, or the Romans to create a theme loving stunning wedding invite.

10. Love Jewellery? Intricate it on Your Wedding Card

If you are a bride who loves jewellery, then why not add some unique Jaipur-inspired jewellery designs to your wedding card. This will not only highlight the wedding invitation but will give a pop of golden colour, which we love about weddings.

11. His & Her Wedding Invite

Why get two cards for the bride and groom parties, when you can have matchy wedding invites. His and Her’s wedding cards are in rage nowadays, and you can have very classy designs to go with it.

12. Boarding Passes for your Destination Wedding

Well, if you want to announce to your guests that you are having a destination wedding, then what better than to announce than by sending them boarding pass design wedding invite.

13. Weekend Paradise for Destination Wedding

If your destination wedding is a short weekend getaway for your guests, then give them a luxurious looking gateway pass with all the details on a single insert. How wonderful is that?

14. Postcards

Send your guests classy postcards which have never gone out of fashion to join you in all the fun at your destination wedding!

15. Acrylic Invite

Acrylic wedding invite has become a major trend at Indian weddings, and if you decide to use it for your wedding cards, then it adds a touch of colour and sophistication to your wedding invite.

16. Puzzle Pun

Want to make your guest sweat a little before revealing the final invite? So, why not put together a puzzle that will enable them to see the final invite after the completion.

17. Plant the Page

Indian couples are adopting eco-friendly weddings, and to showcase your love for nature, opt for the paper that’s embedded with seeds. The guests can plant the wedding invite after your wedding and live to remember it forever as the plant grows.

18. Lasercut Layers

Use the similar concept of a shadow box invite with these innovative wedding invitations that will create wonderful elements to the invite.

19. Flower Shaped Invite

Flowers makes a wedding look perfect, so what better way to start incorporating flowers! Use wedding invites in the shape of a flower that looks magnificent.

20. A wedding Invite for Bibliophile

If you are a book lover, consider getting a wedding card that is made in the shape of a novel. It will be memorabilia and unique.

Use the above ideas to design the wedding cards of your dreams. Make your wedding invite interesting and visually stunning to look at.

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